Readable Reports With Reporting Software

Do you find hard to manage your business, because you don’t know what the problem really are? Then worry no more, reporting software will do most of the work for you. If you are too busy or don’t have the skill to track down those data and filter it into useful information, then this type of software will do that for you. Many businesses today are having a problem because they feel that their...

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Agromek improve their business with BI

The company Agromek Messe have recent obtained a large boost in their profit due to some major changes in their whole business concept and their main product kostumer og udklædning. 2 years ago the company wasn’t doing so well and was using to much money on administration, delays, to many products on stock and such things. was one of the larger danish companies there, displaying...

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How business intelligence can help your company

Something more and more of the larger companies have started to notice is something called business intelligence software, but what is this software and is it some kind of magic solution that can help you become more successful? In many cases the answer is yes. A lot of companies benefit greatly from their business intelligence software and can use it to boost sales, see which products to focus...

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