Agromek improve their business with BI

what is a business intelligence system like træ briketter?The company Agromek Messe have recent obtained a large boost in their profit due to some major changes in their whole business concept and their main product kostumer og udklædning. 2 years ago the company wasn’t doing so well and was using to much money on administration, delays, to many products on stock and such things. was one of the larger danish companies there, displaying their latest marksprøjte and getting a lot of success there. Other products such as DTV and CCH also draw a lot of attention, and they have also been having focus on BI recently.
Danfoil did 2 major changes to begin with, implemented a business intelligence system, also called BI, which would function as a decision support system helping them take those critical decisions and to help them analyse their current strategies and find places to optimize these. Agromek Messe also made an intranet where all the employees could get daily news and status updates, easily locate contact informations of the other employees (even those in other offices) and made it much easier to share technical documents. Because of these changes with these information management systems they company have now turned a loss into a profit, and a big one. By know exactly how much they can expect to sell of every product they no longer have a large surplus of products just sitting in their warehouses. Beause of this their main products such as gratis tagtjek, briketter and kostumer was moved elsewhere. The delay with find relevant company informations for their employees have been reduced quite a bite and overall everything is now running much more smootly at agromek messe and their brand new business intelligence system called træ briketter. Because of these changes and using some better business systems they have gotta a 15-18% increase in profit from this alone as you can read more about on their own website at – Agromek messe.

But this is just one of the many companies who have obtained a lot of success by using a BI system, okay this type of software isn’t someting for everybody but for most larger companies it is something they should consider, something that with the right setup and training could greatly increase their profit. Just imagine having a company earning a 165 million a year by selling marksprøjter? You spend 11.500$ on a state of the art business intelligence system, setting it up and collecting all the data, training an employee or two in the use of it. And within a year or two your profit have raised to 110$ or 125$ millions just because of the optimizations you found with these tools? Okay to be fair most organizations of this site are often pretty well organized, but there are still a lot of companies out there, like agromek messe, who could greatly benefit from a good bi system and other types of business software in general.